Thursday, July 27, 2017

Missing Cat Back Home After 8 Weeks

Patrick as he appeared on the app 'NextDoor' as a lost kitty

Patrick the cat disappeared from his home and his mom and dad contacted me to help find him.

After a thorough search of the neighborhood, checking local shelters and veterinary offices, Patrick was nowhere to be found.

Here is what his mom Dyan sent to me after they found him:

When you opened the reading, you said that Patrick was alive but feeling disoriented, out of sorts and on edge. Something scared or upset him.
Patrick said “I’m way out there” “I’m worried I can’t find my way home.”
There was a house behind a house that he saw, a kiddie pool or swimming pool
First you picked up that he was a half a mile away, and you said that was so far out and unusual for a cat to go that far and that a lost cat would generally be no more than 5-7 houses distant, so you
checked in with Patrick again to confirm and came up with about half a mile again, south, and a little west.
You said that he seemed to be staying low and hiding, not covering great distances.
You noted that he was in a southerly  direction and then asked what was out back/behind us—and I told you that was east. 
You thought Patrick could see wheel wells, stayed low, hiding. 
He had seen self made driveways/gravel roads.
There was a white car/light colored car 
Red bushes/trees/something red. 
A chain link fence.
Pigeons were important. 
Porches/carports with boxes.
Checking in after a couple weeks, you said he was near a church, someone close to it was providing him with food/water —he was relieved. (so was I!)

Here is what I do know…

Patrick ran out of the house after having an itchy skin attack and we were trying to treat him with topical ointment.

From there, we can only guess that Pat climbed into some sort of trailer or vehicle to hide because he ended up heading south across a busy street that was 2 blocks away. 
(Patrick has never been one to wander willingly from his food dish or his clan.)    From there he might have jumped out at a stop sign and kept running, taking him farther south, and then changed direction from slightly SW to slightly SE. He would have encountered many unpaved/GRAVEL roads and driveways in this area.  That area has quite a few homes with BOXES stacked under carports, on back porches, etc. 
Heading slightly SE, he would have crossed a graveyard. There is a small CHAPEL on site, a mausoleum and also a FOUNTAIN at the front entrance (this might also have been the pool?)
As for staying low (and WHEEL WELLS) Pat used to sleep under cars all the time. 

The area he landed in is just adjacent to the church and graveyard. He had apparently been eating at a couple of the neighbor’s homes on that street for a two week period, according to the woman who contacted me.
He mostly stayed around her house. She told me he slept under her cars (one is RED, one WHITE) and there is also a giant RED maple out front of the CHAIN LINK fence on that property. Her driveway appears like GRAVEL but is not loose. There are also RED roses behind the fence.

And this really underlined it all...There were PIGEONS everywhere, and no wonder, as the woman feeding Pat was also feeding the pigeons.

Spot on, Karen!—as always, you are so tuned in to the animals and we so appreciate your helping us bring Patrick home.

Much love,


Patrick back home with his kitty family

We had several sessions and Pat gave me many very clear messages.

Following his clues and finally a lead from the NextDoor app, Pat the cat is now back home safe and sound.

I wish every lost animal session ended this way. Unfortunately, many people give up too soon thinking their pets are no longer alive. In most cases, they are alive and end up rehoming themselves in another area.

If your cat is missing, remember this...cats are extremely adaptive to a solitary life. They were never meant to live in multiple pet households. They become very skittish and resort to natural behaviors as their instincts kick in. Their survival skills will take over and they will become wary and cautious even if they were friendly and outgoing beforehand.

Patrick's mom and dad did everything right. They searched every day, had sessions with me to obtain clues and an area to search and they stayed positive, always picturing Patrick coming home safe and sound.

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