Monday, November 28, 2016

I'm the Para-Newbie on the White Light Paranormal Team

I am excited and honored to announce I have been asked to join the incredibly talented:

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White Light Paranormal Insight team

This very talented group of paranormal investigators and psychic mediums assist with resolving unwanted paranormal activity in the home, office or other places.

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"Our mission is to assist the living in recognizing and validating what may be paranormal activity, and to help find a resolution to the best of our ability. Whenever possible, we also strive to assist those entities that may be in turmoil or unrest."
                                                  - White Light Paranormal Insight Team

As the 'para-newbie' I'll be assisting with communicating and understanding the spirit(s) in each case.

The team is based out of Camas, Washington and works with other 'remote' psychics like myself.  

Once we 'connect' with the spirit(s) on scene, any information, images and feelings are relayed to the team for further review.

Ultimately, we strive to find a resolution for all involved, both living and the departed.  

Monday, November 21, 2016

Saying Goodbye Hurts - Even For Me

Biggie Smalls 

It is just as difficult for me to lose a beloved animal friend as it is for anyone else.

I often hear from folks that it must be easier for me to say goodbye because I can communicate with my animals.

Oh no, that's not the case.

The older I get, the more it affects me and the harder it becomes.  

A loss is a loss. 

There is pain involved and absolutely no shortcuts even for me. 

My grief is just like yours. 

It's so hard to lose them.

Biggie Smalls found me about ten years ago as a stray here at my home in Elk, Washington.   I first noticed him lingering around my barn as there was food, water, and warm blankets out there.  

He was so fearful of humans, I could not get near him for months.  
Finally, with the lure of canned food and lots of loving communications with him, he allowed me to start petting him.

Once I was able to hold him, I took him in for a check up and found he had two pellets from a pellet gun embedded in him. One on the back near the shoulders and another in the abdomen.  No wonder he was fearful of humans.  

Other than that, Biggie checked out healthy, a full grown adult male. I welcomed him into my very large family of strays.  

He would become a dear sweet boy, a sentinel of sorts always letting me know it was dinner time.  

I will miss you Biggie.  You have made my life so much richer. 

Biggie Smalls

It seems impossible to imagine life without them.

Rest peacefully in the arms of angels sweet boy.