Friday, September 9, 2016

A Surprising Message From A Deceased Dog Named Shadow

Sometimes I see some pretty strange and unexpected images during a session. 

In a recent session, I kept seeing peanut butter while I was connecting with a deceased black lab named Shadow.

Sadly, Shadow passed suddenly at age 15 and her human Cindy didn't have time to say goodbye. Cindy wanted to know if Shadow was still around her and her other pups.

Shadow kept flashing the image of a jar of peanut butter to me so I finally asked Cindy what was up with the peanut butter.

She laughed out loud and admitted that earlier in the day she had eaten peanut butter out of the jar at work, hiding so no one would see her do it!

We both got such a good laugh out of Shadow's message. 

Cindy couldn't hide her secret indulgence from Shadow!

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