Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Your Dog is Showing Me A Shark....WHAT IN THE WORLD?

I recently had a session with this little Chihuahua mix named Olive.  She is starting classes to become a therapy dog and will attend hospitals to help humans recover from their illnesses, surgeries and accidents.  

She is a sweet girl and just LOVES people.  

I was asking her how she was feeling about becoming a therapy dog and she piped in with this comment...

"Talk to my mom about the SHARK!"

Then she quickly flashed the image of a gray shark with white teeth.

Not knowing what in the world she was talking about I asked Olive's mom, Cheryl if she knew what this was.

"Oh that's too funny," came Cheryl's response. "We are having our pool drained today and the SHARK THERMOMETER is laying on the deck!"

Cheryl was outside while she was on the phone with me so little Olive was just giving me a little tour of the backyard and pool!

Cheryl and I got a big kick out of Olive's message 
and how accurate her image of the shark was 

You never know what the animals will talk about!

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