Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Messages From the Other Side - From Clouds to Dreams...

The spirits often tell me that they are never far from us and often check in to see how we are doing.  They don't want to scare us or make us feel creepy but they try to let us know they are alive and well on the Other Side and still a part of our lives.

Sometimes appear in our dreams, move things or mess with our electronic equipment just to find another way to get our attention.  

A client named Kelly sent this photo of her beloved boy Truffles after he passed away one  summer several years ago.  

Heartbroken, not a day went by that Kelly didn't think about her sweet pup.  Later that fall while at the beach, Kelly was especially missing Truffles and looked up into the sky.  

She could not believe what she saw.  This is her photo.

In the center of the photo you can see Truffles eyes, nose and ear 

Here is the image encircled

Sometimes our departed loved ones will appear in our dreams which is the most common way of communicating.  It's much easier for them to get through to us when we are in a deep sleep as our brain waves are relaxed and open for their visits.

During a recent phone session a deceased Shih Tzu named, Tulip said, "Tell my mom about the TV remote."

When I asked Tulip's mom, Hannah if her TV remote was acting up she gasped out loud and said, "Yes!  The TV won't turn on or off when I push the buttons!"

Tulip also said, 'Talk about the pumpkin."

I had no idea why as it was August but I mentioned it to Hannah.  

"I can't believe this, but I'm looking at my other dog's toy pumpkin right now!"

Tulip was showing us that she was right there in the room with Hannah during the call.

Signs are all around us
                just pay attention

In July of 2013, I was attending a memorial service for my friend Sally Swancara.  During the ceremony we all faced to the East, high on mountain top on Kenosha Pass in Colorado. Sally loved this area and spent most of her life here.  

As the beautiful drum music played and tears fell from our faces, I said to Sally quietly in my mind, "Come on Sal, I know you're here.  Do something!"

Within seconds the clouds opened up in front of us and two S's appeared side by side. Sally's initials are 'S.S'. We all saw the huge 'S.S.' in the clouds. 

I reached for my phone to take a picture but had powered it off for the service. So I said, 'Okay Sal, that was great but I missed it.  Do it again." 

This time, a perfect letter 'T' formed and remained there during the entire service.

Sally's daughter, Teri was blown away by this incredible message as the 'T' was clearly a message from the mother who loved and adored her.

This is the actual photo I took that day.

The rest of the day was gorgeous and blue skies.

Your loved ones, both human and animal 
              are alive and well on the Other Side 

Pay attention if you feel goosebumps for no reason as that is an indication of a nearby spirit.  

Also, the sensation of cobwebs on your skin is another sign that you are being gently touched or hugged by a departed loved one.  

If you feel you received a message be excited about it and ask them to do it again or to send another sign and you just might be surprised at what they will do.

Always thank them for reaching out to you as it takes up a lot of spirit energy to manifest these messages.  

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