Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Connecting The Dots - Why Your Session Starts AFTER You Hang Up

Many times during a session information and messages will come through that don't always make sense.

I've learned to trust this information and tell my clients to 'file it away' in their memory bank as chances are it will make sense later.

Sometimes I hear back the next day that a message became clear and other times it takes longer to understand the information.

This happens for several reasons.

On the Other Side, time as we know it, a twelve hour clock, a 24 hour day, is irrelevant. So when your animal or human loved ones come through they have access to all information in your past, present and future.

It's similar to walking into a Best Buy store and seeing all the different television screens playing a different channel of your life.

Recording the session is highly recommended as even if you take notes you may miss pertinent information because you are distracted while you are writing and not fully listening.

I've had sessions where the client has flat out denied the information only to find out later that it was indeed accurate.

In a recent session a client named Jen informed me that four years ago she had a session where a departed human loved one came through and reported that someone close to her was pregnant.

Jen denied any knowledge of a pregnancy in her family and also confirmed with her mom that no one they knew of was pregnant.

It took two years but they found out that Jen's cousin had indeed been pregnant at the time of our session but she miscarried and never told anyone about it.

Another client named Stacy had a session with her deceased dad who came through with another male energy he referred to as 'Uncle John'. Stacy denied having an Uncle named John and didn't give it another thought.

Years later I received this email from Stacy:

"Hi Karen:

A few years ago during a reading, you told me that a person in a uniform was coming through. You also told me you felt a northern CA connection, maybe near Antioch. I had no idea who you were referring to.

My brother also had a reading with you. I am pretty sure you didn't know he was my brother. You told him the same exact thing regarding a person from northern California in uniform. It meant nothing to my brother, either.

Fast forward to April 2012. I received an email from a woman named Diana on She lives in Redding, CA. That is about 200 miles north of Antioch. Turns out, Diana married my dad's cousin. My dad never knew his cousin. There was a family dispute, and my grandfather and his sister stopped speaking in 1948. My grandfather's sister, Catherine, is Diana's mother in law. Diana's husband John was in the war, and he was a career California Highway Patrol Officer. 

Hence the man in uniform! 

The family moved from NJ to CA shortly after the dispute.

My Dad and his sister haven't spoken since 1992. My Aunt has all the family pictures and will not share them with my dad. My dad was sad for many years because he had no pictures of his childhood, of his parents, etc.

Well, Diana mentioned that she has the family albums, and would scan the pictures for us. She sent us over 50 pictures!

I received this picture from Diana on the day before my dad's 70th birthday. Diana had no idea that the baby is my dad. Also pictured are his parents, Catherine, and her sons. 

Thus is a very special picture because it was taken on my dad's second birthday. It was like his mother sent this picture to wish him a happy birthday.

If this story is not proof that your gift is amazing, I don't know what is!

In May, my mom and I went to CA. We stopped by Diana's house and met her son and his family. It was like we were old friends. I will send you a picture of me and my cousin Rob-we could be brother and sister.

Thank you for all that you do to help us connect with those who have passed.



Uncle John in Korea

I love it when we can connect the dots!