Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

Many of you may not know this but... along with ANIMAL SESSIONS and MEDIUM SESSIONS I also conduct PERSONAL INSIGHT SESSIONS for those who seek clarity in their career, relationships, health, etc.
I was preparing for a recent session when a bishop or saint with an "L" name similar to this photo began to send messages.

He revealed he was the primary Spiritual Guide for my next client, Michelle, and delivered numerous accurate details about her life and what lies ahead. He shared several religious Catholic symbols such as the Sistine Chapel, a crucifix and rosary.

Before I shared any of this with Michelle, I asked what her goals were and she said to learn more about her Spirit Guides!

Michelle confirmed that she is a devout Catholic with a very close connection to a particular Saint with an "L" name.

He told me to encourage her to write and Michelle confirmed that she has felt compelled to write about her experiences for some time now.

He spoke of her extremely high calling, a reflection of her morals, standards and vibrational energy. My client shared that she has always felt a 'calling' to a higher purpose.

We were also greeted by both of her departed grandmothers who also serve as guardian angels in Michelle's life. One grandmother showed me an accident involving a vehicle and it turns out that Michelle's grandmother passed away from complications from a motor vehicle accident.

Her loving grandmothers shared personal insights to help Michelle navigate future events. Their personalities and traits came through just as she remembered them in life.

If you've never had a session before, I encourage you to do so. Find someone you are drawn to and one that you feel confident with their abilities.

There are many talented Mediums, Psychics and Intuitive Counselors who, like me, have worked for decades to earn their solid and professional reputation.

A good and respectable psychic will help direct you to another fellow psychic if they don't offer the area of expertise you are in search of.

I'll be posting my TOP LIST of fellow psychics in a future post.

To get the best out of your session, be open to what ever messages await you especially if it's your very first session. Having a laundry list of things you must know can put a crimp in the transference of energy.

Sometimes it's best to listen, to hear what messages await you.

Be willing to hear messages you may not agree with. Your loved ones and spirit guides are always in contact with you and love the opportunity to share insights.

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