Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2015 Port Gamble Ghost Conference

The Port Gamble Ghost Conference
October 2015

Last year was my first time lecturing at this fun event in beautiful Port Gamble, Washington.  This sleepy town is one of the most active paranormal places in all of the Pacific Northwest.  

In 2012, I attended as a tourist and fell in love with the quaint seaside village and resident spirits.  

When I was invited to lecture at the event I jumped at the chance.  

I had a great time meeting new friends and running into a few familiar faces.

Left to right: Your's truly, Seth Michael, Jyl Straub, Ron Sohler

The psychic panel brought talented mediums and psychics to answer audience questions.

We also had a very interesting drum and rattle healing session near the cemetery with Ron Sohler at the rattle.  

I took these pictures with iphone and you can see white light anomalies flying around him.  It was pitch dark out, no insects, cold with low clouds.  

Seth Michael, a talented psychic and Medium, and I both saw the image of a white wolf run behind Ron's back in the second picture.  

We also had Native American spirits appearing on scene to witness the healing ceremony.  

A few other strange and interesting creatures showed up as well.  There was even a low flying dragon!  Yes indeed, when Ron is around so too is Nora Shadow Bringer.  

What a great time!  Can't wait for next year's event.  

My lecture on Animals in the Afterlife

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