Monday, March 21, 2016

Oregon Ghost Conference

With less than two weeks to go I'm getting excited for the next OGC in Seaside!

There are so many interesting speakers, tours and events I hope you can join us for all the fun.

Free Lecture on Saturday - 1pm "Animals in the Afterlife"  

On Sunday from 10am-12 noon, I'll be teaching an
Intro To Animal Communication Class

Advanced registration required

I'll bring copies of my new book so be sure to get your signed copy!


The event was fantastic! Thanks to all who took my class.  Wow, you were amazing  :)

Enjoy the pix...

Eric drove all the way from Seattle to take my class 

Filming the documentary 'All Around Us' with Ron in the center and Seth Michael on the right. Tristan behind the camera

The beautiful Katie B at the Old Wheeler Hotel
If you are ever in the Wheeler, Oregon area
be sure to stay at this fantastic hotel 

During my lecture of 'Animals in the Afterlife' I shared 
Cecil the Lion's incredible message

Ron and I trying to stay out of trouble

Old Wheeler Hotel 'breakfast room' with Ben, Nicole and Michael White

My Intro to Animal Communication Class sold out!

Old Wheeler Hotel

Richard Hassler visiting after the class

More filming

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 2016 - Manresa Castle - Strange Escapes Event with Chip Coffey

What a great trip this was!  

My ghost hunting buddy, Ron Sohler and I joined the Strange Escapes VIP group featuring Chip Coffey, Adam Berry,  John Tenney and Amy Bruni for a weekend of ghost investigation at beautiful haunted Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, WA.

Highlights from this trip:

Ron Sohler's Room EVP's and cork flying off the table

Ron and I decided to investigate in room 219 to see if we could capture any evidence on video or voice recorder.  

We immediately sensed two spirit energies entering the room and light anomalies started to zip around in front of my camera. 

A cork sitting on the edge of a table went flying off and landed on the floor right in front of us.  

A female disembodied voice was also heard by both of us from behind my chair.

Saturday Night Group Investigation:

We investigated in rooms 219, 304 and the Bridal Room. 

Room 304
There were four of us in this room. Ron Sohler, Jodi Gartman, Ray and I.  

At first there was not much activity but as I started talking about about a 1:19 in you will see light anomalies start to zip around us.  

At one point there must have been at least 50+ flying around and intelligently answering our questions on recorder.  

Bridal Room

Ron was sitting on the floor and felt it get cold.

 I turned on the video camera and you can see light anomalies flying around us.

In the attic, we did a flashlight session asking any spirits to respond by turning the flashlights on and off.  There were intelligent answers to our questions.

I'll post some EVP's once I get them organized

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Animal Communication Workshop - SOLD OUT!


Intro to Animal Communication Workshop
Thursday, May 5th, 2016
5:30pm - 8:30 pm
Sierra Madre, CA

Beginner-Intermediate Level

This class is designed with the beginner in mind so if you are new to the idea of connecting with the animals then this is the class for you.  I'll share my secrets of communicating with all animals during this class.  If you already know how to connect I'll help you sharpen your skills and go deeper into the minds of the animals you love.

Become a part of my community and awaken your own intuitive abilities.  We all have psychic abilities and it just takes a bit of practice and the right teacher to bring them out again.  

Class Outline:

  • General overview of communicating with animals
  • Breathing, grounding, protection and meditation exercises
  • Learn how to send a message 
  • Learn how to receive a message
  • Practice sessions with animals
  • Q & A 
  • Helpful tips with one-on-one mentoring with Karen


  • Must love animals! 
  • Be open to the process
  • Be excited to learn the steps
  • Read Karen's book, "Hear All Creatures!" available on Amazon or Kindle
Click here for Registration
18 & over only

2015 Port Gamble Ghost Conference

The Port Gamble Ghost Conference
October 2015

Last year was my first time lecturing at this fun event in beautiful Port Gamble, Washington.  This sleepy town is one of the most active paranormal places in all of the Pacific Northwest.  

In 2012, I attended as a tourist and fell in love with the quaint seaside village and resident spirits.  

When I was invited to lecture at the event I jumped at the chance.  

I had a great time meeting new friends and running into a few familiar faces.

Left to right: Your's truly, Seth Michael, Jyl Straub, Ron Sohler

The psychic panel brought talented mediums and psychics to answer audience questions.

We also had a very interesting drum and rattle healing session near the cemetery with Ron Sohler at the rattle.  

I took these pictures with iphone and you can see white light anomalies flying around him.  It was pitch dark out, no insects, cold with low clouds.  

Seth Michael, a talented psychic and Medium, and I both saw the image of a white wolf run behind Ron's back in the second picture.  

We also had Native American spirits appearing on scene to witness the healing ceremony.  

A few other strange and interesting creatures showed up as well.  There was even a low flying dragon!  Yes indeed, when Ron is around so too is Nora Shadow Bringer.  

What a great time!  Can't wait for next year's event.  

My lecture on Animals in the Afterlife

2016 Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside, Oregon

The Oregon Ghost Conference is just around the corner

I'll be lecturing at the event on Saturday, April 2nd at 1pm 
"Animals in the Afterlife"

  • Hear actual messages from animals on the Other Side
  • Find out how they communicate with us beyond the veil
  • How they stay connected and know what we are doing
  • Learn how your departed human loved ones are with them 
  • Most fascinating experiences from actual sessions

Also teaching this class:

Intro To Animal Communication Class on Sun, April 3rd.

Click here to register