Monday, November 16, 2015

2015 - Animal Communication Workshop - Oregon City, OR

Sold out!
Animal Communication Workshop

April 2015 
Oregon City, OR

Just before the Oregon Ghost Conference I held a workshop for learning how to communicate with animals.  There were 16 people in the class and I was amazed at how many messages everyone was getting from the animals. 

I'd like to think its because they had a great teacher ( me!) haha!

Learning the basic skills is easy.  I can teach most people how to send and receive messages in under an hour.  

The rest of the time was spent practicing and then sharing the messages.

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We forgot to get a group photo but here are a few pix

2015 - Oregon Ghost Conference - Oregon City, OR

The 4th Annual Oregon Ghost Conference 
April 2015
Oregon City, Oregon

Great fun with all my ghostie friends
at the conference

I'll be there ....will you? 

There are ghost tours, investigations, amazing speakers and presentations,
After hour events and tons of fun

Ron Sohler did a Past Life Presentation 
based on information he received during sessions 
from me and other talented psychics

Good food 

The Psychic Panel answered questions from
the audience

My lecture on Animals in the Afterlife

Met up with some old and new friends
Ray on left and Jodi  Gartman 

Ron and I looking official

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2016 Animal Communication Workshop - Mar 31st, 2016 Wheeler, Oregon


The next class will be:

Sierra Madre, California
Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Registration and more info 

Animal Communication Workshop

Learn the Basic Skills 

Beginner-Intermediate Level

This class is designed with the beginner in mind so if you are new to the idea of connecting with the animals then this is the class for you.  I'll share my secrets of communicating with all animals during this class.  If you already know how to connect I'll help you sharpen your skills and go deeper into the minds of the animals you love.

Become a part of my community and awaken your own intuitive abilities.  We all have psychic abilities and it just takes a bit of practice and the right teacher to bring them out again.  

Class Outline:

  • General overview of communicating with animals
  • Breathing, grounding, protection and meditation exercises
  • Learn how to send a message 
  • Learn how to receive a message
  • Practice sessions with animals
  • Q & A 
  • Helpful tips, one on one mentoring with Karen


  • Must love animals! 
  • Be open to the process
  • Be excited to learn the steps
  • Read Karen's book, "Hear All Creatures!" available on Amazon or Kindle
Click here for Registration info 

Tickets through EventBrite
$189 Per person - 18 & over 
Early bird discount - Register by Dec 31, 2015 and receive $15 off 
Enter code save15 when prompted
Do not contact the hotel venue all inquiries through Karen please!