Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Animal Communication Workshops - Spokane, Washington - Or Learn From Home Webinar in Jan. 2017

Jan 17th, 2017 
Intro to Animal Communication WEBINAR!
Learn from your home
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Feb 16th, 2017   6-8pm 
Mar 16th, 2017   6-8pm

Hosted by the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department  
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Under "Personal Interest" classes

This class is designed with the beginner in mind so if you are new to the idea of connecting with the animals then this is the class for you.  

I'll share my secrets of communicating with all animals during this class. 

We all have psychic abilities and it just takes a bit of practice and the right teacher to bring them out again.  

Become a part of my animal-loving community and find out how easy it is to awaken your own intuitive abilities. 

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Class Outline:

  • General overview of communicating with animals
  • Breathing, grounding, protection and meditation exercises
  • Learn how to send a message 
  • Learn how to receive a message
  • Practice sessions with animals
  • Q & A 
  • Helpful tips 

Corbin Art Center 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

What Happens When Your Grief Blocks/Negates Messages from Your Loved Ones

The excitement builds for Cindy as the day of her session approaches.  She's waited a long time for this moment as my calendar is booked out for months.  

With great anticipation and maybe even some nervous anxiety the appointment time finally arrives for this new client and she picks up her phone to call my office.

What she doesn't know is that I've been preparing for her session through meditation and have already opened up the space inviting the energy of her animals to come through. 

Her deceased dog, Tyler was bouncing around so happy and excited to be able to talk to his mom through me.  He had a huge smile on his face and I could feel the love he had for his humans.  

It felt so good to be in his energy I couldn't wait to get started.

After I explain the process to Cindy, I ask if she is ready to go and she excitedly replies, "Yes! I'm ready!".

Right away, the very first message comes through from Tyler.  

"He says he is with an older woman on the Other Side, like a mom-energy" I explain as I see the energy of Cindy's dog and family members appear in my office.

There was complete silence. 

"Do you understand this message?" I ask.

"No," came the short reply. 

So I continue, "Tyler says he is there with you now and talks about a tooth or mouth issue. Is there someone with a dental or mouth related issue?"

"No. I don't know what that is," she remarked.  

This is not going well.  

"Tyler talks about a very large body of water, like an ocean or a huge lake.  Do you understand this?  Do you live by the water or ocean or did you take Tyler there?" I ask as I try to stay focused.

I felt Cindy's energy shut down. Like someone just slammed a door shut in my face. 

Tyler looked at me with the saddest eyes.  

He felt rejected.

"No Karen.  I don't understand that.  I never took Tyler to the water, we've never lived by the water and that makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever.  I don't think you are connecting with my dog. You haven't gotten a single thing right.  Can't you tell me something about what happened to him on the day he died? Can't he show you what happened? I want to hear from MY DOG!" she snapped at me.

Oh boy.  I take a deep breath.  

I felt Tyler's energy fading away. 

 He was so excited when we first started and now he felt defeated as Cindy kept negating every single message he sent.

This sweet dog had no desire to talk about the day he died.  He only wanted to share happy memories not talk about his sorrowful death. 

That would be like you waiting to talk to someone you love after years of being apart and all they want to do is focus on the worst moment of your life.  

I patiently explain to Cindy that I can only share the images and messages that Tyler sends to me.  I can't make an animal talk about something they don't want to share.

These energetic messages usually focus on happy moments from their life together or things that are happening right now.  

I reassured Cindy that I stand behind my work 100% and will immediately stop the session and refund her money with no questions asked if she wants me to.

"No, let's keep going," came her reply.  

Gathering my wits I reconnect with Tyler and ask him to show me something that is happening right now.

"Tyler shows me some kind of construction, or home improvements going on.  I see working in the dirt or constructing something with dirt. Do you have some DIY things going on right now?" I ask, expecting only to be shot down again.

"Well, the only thing I can think of is my son is here right now building new planter beds in the backyard. Do you think that could be it?"  Her voice sounded a bit softer this time.

"Yes! I do! That would definitely be what I'm seeing.  Tyler is showing you here is there with you right now.  He is showing me the construction of the planter beds," finally a breakthrough.

I switch to her current dog, a pretty collie mix named Sasha.

"Sasha tells me to talk about the neck.  Is there a neck thing or neck related issue going on with her?"   

"Oh my gosh Karen! I just petted her on the neck right when you asked that question.  Can she send you that message at the same moment I pet her?" Cindy asked sounding totally shocked. 

"Yes, of course she can.  That's what they do. They send messages about their life or show me whats going on right now," I heard Cindy take a deep breath.   

"Wow," she said, " I had no idea they could do that. Tyler can see the new planters from the Other Side?" 

"He sure can.  Now how about those other messages he sent.  Are you sure they don't make sense?"  

I knew they were accurate messages. Cindy was just blocking them because it wasn't what she wanted to hear.  

This is quite common with new clients who are not open to the process or those who are expecting a certain answer or response.  

Because this is so common, I have it posted on my website and in the confirmation emails for new clients to review.  The only problem is, I can't make people read it.  

"How about the 'mother energy' that Tyler mentions, he says he is with a mom on the Other Side."

"Well, my mom IS on the Other Side but she never knew Tyler," came her reply.  

"Regardless of whether or not they knew each other in life, you are the common denominator and they come through together as part of your family soul group." 

"And how about the tooth issue," I ask knowing full well there is indeed something going on with someone's teeth.  

"Well, the only thing I can think of is Sasha had to have several teeth pulled recently. Could Tyler know about that?" 

"Absolutely!" I replied.  "His energy is with you and Sasha.  He doesn't want to be anywhere else except with you." 

I could tell Cindy was beginning to understand how all this works. Her energy was lighter, brighter and she sounded much calmer and relaxed. 

We finished up the session and I sent everyone's energy back to them.  

Cindy was very happy now with all the messages she received.  It just took a little time for her to understand how this works.

       Grief is usually the culprit 
              that causes clients to block messages. 

When we are stuck in our grief, we hold on to those sad moments and can't seem let go.  

Cindy finally admitted to me that she was overwhelmed with grief and missed Tyler so much every day she could not get past his death.

Fortunately, I was able to explain why it's so important to realize that your animals want you to be happy, to move through your grief into healing. 

     Make their life more important than their death

They feel whatever you are feeling, so if you feel sad and guilty, they too feel that way. They will even start to blame themselves for your grief.  

A session is never a cure for grief but it can bring some much-needed peace of mind that somehow escaped you before the session. 

If you are a new client please REVIEW all the information on my website before your session.  Look under FAQ, WHAT TO EXPECT and HUMAN SESSIONS for information on how all of this works.  

I want to give you the best session possible but it takes your input and understanding of the process for that to happen. 

As I was getting ready for my next appointment, I happened to glance at Cindy's address.  

She lives only minutes away from the ocean.


Friday, September 9, 2016

A Surprising Message From A Deceased Dog Named Shadow

Sometimes I see some pretty strange and unexpected images during a session. 

In a recent session, I kept seeing peanut butter while I was connecting with a deceased black lab named Shadow.

Sadly, Shadow passed suddenly at age 15 and her human Cindy didn't have time to say goodbye. Cindy wanted to know if Shadow was still around her and her other pups.

Shadow kept flashing the image of a jar of peanut butter to me so I finally asked Cindy what was up with the peanut butter.

She laughed out loud and admitted that earlier in the day she had eaten peanut butter out of the jar at work, hiding so no one would see her do it!

We both got such a good laugh out of Shadow's message. 

Cindy couldn't hide her secret indulgence from Shadow!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Your Dog is Showing Me A Shark....WHAT IN THE WORLD?

I recently had a session with this little Chihuahua mix named Olive.  She is starting classes to become a therapy dog and will attend hospitals to help humans recover from their illnesses, surgeries and accidents.  

She is a sweet girl and just LOVES people.  

I was asking her how she was feeling about becoming a therapy dog and she piped in with this comment...

"Talk to my mom about the SHARK!"

Then she quickly flashed the image of a gray shark with white teeth.

Not knowing what in the world she was talking about I asked Olive's mom, Cheryl if she knew what this was.

"Oh that's too funny," came Cheryl's response. "We are having our pool drained today and the SHARK THERMOMETER is laying on the deck!"

Cheryl was outside while she was on the phone with me so little Olive was just giving me a little tour of the backyard and pool!

Cheryl and I got a big kick out of Olive's message 
and how accurate her image of the shark was 

You never know what the animals will talk about!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Messages From the Other Side - From Clouds to Dreams...

The spirits often tell me that they are never far from us and often check in to see how we are doing.  They don't want to scare us or make us feel creepy but they try to let us know they are alive and well on the Other Side and still a part of our lives.

Sometimes appear in our dreams, move things or mess with our electronic equipment just to find another way to get our attention.  

A client named Kelly sent this photo of her beloved boy Truffles after he passed away one  summer several years ago.  

Heartbroken, not a day went by that Kelly didn't think about her sweet pup.  Later that fall while at the beach, Kelly was especially missing Truffles and looked up into the sky.  

She could not believe what she saw.  This is her photo.

In the center of the photo you can see Truffles eyes, nose and ear 

Here is the image encircled

Sometimes our departed loved ones will appear in our dreams which is the most common way of communicating.  It's much easier for them to get through to us when we are in a deep sleep as our brain waves are relaxed and open for their visits.

During a recent phone session a deceased Shih Tzu named, Tulip said, "Tell my mom about the TV remote."

When I asked Tulip's mom, Hannah if her TV remote was acting up she gasped out loud and said, "Yes!  The TV won't turn on or off when I push the buttons!"

Tulip also said, 'Talk about the pumpkin."

I had no idea why as it was August but I mentioned it to Hannah.  

"I can't believe this, but I'm looking at my other dog's toy pumpkin right now!"

Tulip was showing us that she was right there in the room with Hannah during the call.

Signs are all around us
                just pay attention

In July of 2013, I was attending a memorial service for my friend Sally Swancara.  During the ceremony we all faced to the East, high on mountain top on Kenosha Pass in Colorado. Sally loved this area and spent most of her life here.  

As the beautiful drum music played and tears fell from our faces, I said to Sally quietly in my mind, "Come on Sal, I know you're here.  Do something!"

Within seconds the clouds opened up in front of us and two S's appeared side by side. Sally's initials are 'S.S'. We all saw the huge 'S.S.' in the clouds. 

I reached for my phone to take a picture but had powered it off for the service. So I said, 'Okay Sal, that was great but I missed it.  Do it again." 

This time, a perfect letter 'T' formed and remained there during the entire service.

Sally's daughter, Teri was blown away by this incredible message as the 'T' was clearly a message from the mother who loved and adored her.

This is the actual photo I took that day.

The rest of the day was gorgeous and blue skies.

Your loved ones, both human and animal 
              are alive and well on the Other Side 

Pay attention if you feel goosebumps for no reason as that is an indication of a nearby spirit.  

Also, the sensation of cobwebs on your skin is another sign that you are being gently touched or hugged by a departed loved one.  

If you feel you received a message be excited about it and ask them to do it again or to send another sign and you just might be surprised at what they will do.

Always thank them for reaching out to you as it takes up a lot of spirit energy to manifest these messages.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Connecting The Dots - Why Your Session Starts AFTER You Hang Up

Many times during a session information and messages will come through that don't always make sense.

I've learned to trust this information and tell my clients to 'file it away' in their memory bank as chances are it will make sense later.

Sometimes I hear back the next day that a message became clear and other times it takes longer to understand the information.

This happens for several reasons.

On the Other Side, time as we know it, a twelve hour clock, a 24 hour day, is irrelevant. So when your animal or human loved ones come through they have access to all information in your past, present and future.

It's similar to walking into a Best Buy store and seeing all the different television screens playing a different channel of your life.

Recording the session is highly recommended as even if you take notes you may miss pertinent information because you are distracted while you are writing and not fully listening.

I've had sessions where the client has flat out denied the information only to find out later that it was indeed accurate.

In a recent session a client named Jen informed me that four years ago she had a session where a departed human loved one came through and reported that someone close to her was pregnant.

Jen denied any knowledge of a pregnancy in her family and also confirmed with her mom that no one they knew of was pregnant.

It took two years but they found out that Jen's cousin had indeed been pregnant at the time of our session but she miscarried and never told anyone about it.

Another client named Stacy had a session with her deceased dad who came through with another male energy he referred to as 'Uncle John'. Stacy denied having an Uncle named John and didn't give it another thought.

Years later I received this email from Stacy:

"Hi Karen:

A few years ago during a reading, you told me that a person in a uniform was coming through. You also told me you felt a northern CA connection, maybe near Antioch. I had no idea who you were referring to.

My brother also had a reading with you. I am pretty sure you didn't know he was my brother. You told him the same exact thing regarding a person from northern California in uniform. It meant nothing to my brother, either.

Fast forward to April 2012. I received an email from a woman named Diana on She lives in Redding, CA. That is about 200 miles north of Antioch. Turns out, Diana married my dad's cousin. My dad never knew his cousin. There was a family dispute, and my grandfather and his sister stopped speaking in 1948. My grandfather's sister, Catherine, is Diana's mother in law. Diana's husband John was in the war, and he was a career California Highway Patrol Officer. 

Hence the man in uniform! 

The family moved from NJ to CA shortly after the dispute.

My Dad and his sister haven't spoken since 1992. My Aunt has all the family pictures and will not share them with my dad. My dad was sad for many years because he had no pictures of his childhood, of his parents, etc.

Well, Diana mentioned that she has the family albums, and would scan the pictures for us. She sent us over 50 pictures!

I received this picture from Diana on the day before my dad's 70th birthday. Diana had no idea that the baby is my dad. Also pictured are his parents, Catherine, and her sons. 

Thus is a very special picture because it was taken on my dad's second birthday. It was like his mother sent this picture to wish him a happy birthday.

If this story is not proof that your gift is amazing, I don't know what is!

In May, my mom and I went to CA. We stopped by Diana's house and met her son and his family. It was like we were old friends. I will send you a picture of me and my cousin Rob-we could be brother and sister.

Thank you for all that you do to help us connect with those who have passed.



Uncle John in Korea

I love it when we can connect the dots!